Have you ever got stuck in a bathroom before a job interview?

Tux on BathroomNever happened to you?
Let me warn you that there is always a first time and unfortunately mine was today.

This morning before I went to the scene where I was going to be interviewed for a job offer, I walked into the nearest coffee shop to spend some time and add some caffeine in the system to be able to wake up properly.

In the meanwhile I went to the bathroom, it was a really small bathroom.. one square meter in maximum, not good for claustrophobic people.

A couple of minutes after, I’ve tried to unlock the bathrooms door with no success. It was impossible, the key stopped working! After looking carefully I’ve realized that it was broken inside the locker.

I stayed ten/fifteen minutes stuck in there, till someone noticed I was knocking at the door and opened it from the outside with another key.

Lesson learned, next time I’ll go to the bathroom only after the interview.

In conclusion and for what matters, although It was almost time I managed to arrived on time to the interview.

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  • master insulina

    Xiiiii, burraste todo :D com a cafeina. Isto são coisas que se metam no blog ? ahahahaha