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Go PHP5!

A couple of weeks ago I’ve found this project, it’s name is GoPHP5 and it’s main goal is to speed up the transition of old PHP applications to the newer versions.

I totally agree with this project ideas and support them 100%, in my opinion it doesn’t make sense to keep developing applications using old PHP versions.

At the moment there are already a couple of big projects associated such as Drupal, CMS Made Simple, phpMyAdmin and others.

If you’re going to develop a new project or develop new features to an existing one, take a look at the website, spend some time reading and GoPHP5.

At the moment I’m only working with PHP5 and I’ve got to say, the new features are great.

How to translate administrator menu items in Joomla! 1.5.6?

That’s a question that I’ve been doing to myself in the past two days.

Unfortunately there aren’t much informations about this subject, and from what I’ve read there is a lot of people with the same doubts I had.

Because I haven’t found any documentation on this subject I’ve decided to write the my own tutorial, hope it helps you.

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Joomla! 1.5.6 Released

Till a couple of days now I was using Joomla! 1.5.5 but yesterday a new release came out.

This new release is a security release made to solve a high level security issue, then it’s recommended to upgrade immediately.

Some websites are already being owned because of this security flaw, do not risk to get owned too and update your website software as soon as possible.

If you need help read the migration/upgrade instructions in here.


Last week I’ve wrote in here that I was looking for a CMS with a couple of specs. After a lot of reading I’ve decided to bet on Joomla!, although it has a couple of bad reviews it fulfills my needs (I hope).

At the moment I’m running Joomla! 1.5.5 stable.

Yesterday after I installed the software I’ve looked for some tutorials that would guide me through the process of developing a component for this version of Joomla!.

It would be expectable to have some great tutorials in Joomla! Developer Network but to be honest I’ve got to say that the ones that are available are a bit poor, and most of Documentation is written for the older versions.

After a lot of searches I’ve found these tutorials and they are great, at least for helping me out in these first steps.

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Content Management System (CMS)

In the past few days I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about Content Management Systems (CMS) at OpenSourceCMS. Great site by the way, lots of useful informations in there.

Although the site above has a lot of informations it’s really hard to find a CMS that fits your needs, most of the people who use this kind of tools are regular users and their main goal is to install and manage the CMS with success.

That way most of the reviews that I’ve found are written without a developers perspective.

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