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Open Exchange Rates library 0.1.0 is out!

That’s right, a new version of Open Exchange Rates library is out. The previous version was released in past October when I released my first two SugarCRM packages who also make use of it.

Since then, the Open Exchange Rates API has been continuously improved, which led to a perfect excuse to not only make an update but also to make an overall review of the library.

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SugarCRM: Currencies Exchange Rate Updater

Not long ago, I wrote a post about the need of a free service that provided a variety of information related to currencies who led me to Open Exchange Rates: Real-time exchange rates for developers!

At that time I also mentioned how I had a couple of projects in mind related with the library I wrote then, curiously, one of these projects also matched a need felt by others: improving/automating the way how exchange rate updates are made in SugarCRM projects.

Two months later, more or less, I’m back with news regarding these projects: a few minutes ago I’ve released publicly, and more important, freely, my two first SugarCRM packages.

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