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GMail support on aMSN

aMSNYesterday I was looking for new plugins to use on aMSN when I’ve found GNotify. A great plugin that allows you to have multiple GMail accounts associated to your aMSN and receive notification messages whenever you receive a new email.

You can download GNotify plugin here, and if you don’t know how to install an aMSN plugin, you can read the installation instructions here.

apt-get uninstall windows vista

Last week my sister had some problems with her laptop (Toshiba A200-1GB) and Windows Vista.

After a few Windows updates her LAN card decided not to work, after trying new drivers with no success, and because her laptop it’s quite new and it was getting a bit slow due to Vista fancy stuff.

I’ve decided to uninstall Windows Vista and install Windows XP, at the moment it’s running very smooth and no LAN card problems detected yet.

From what I’ve read some people had a really hard time trying to find drivers to support all the hardware, most of them I’ve found on Toshiba website.

At the moment her laptop is running with Firefox, aMSN and a nice and clean wallpaper.

Next step will be the installation of  Xubuntu!


Till a couple of minutes ago I was using aMSN, now I changed to emesene.

One thing that made me change was the annoying “titles”. If you are listing your contacts by group it will slow down your client, this only happends in 0.97 version, in older versions I didn’t noticed this reaction.

About emesene I’m happy with it, it has the regular features that an MSN client should have and a couple of new ones. I can say that it is a Windows MSN clone without the crappy features.

It’s also written in Python, and that means it is portable.