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Back at home

That’s right I’m back at home.

Last Monday was my last day at Algarve, unfortunately my vacations are almost ending. The few days that are left will be spent in my hometown.

Like I’ve planned I went to Albufeira and Alvor, unfortunately I didn’t had time to visit Lagos which is a really nice place to visit, with great beaches, night activities and restaurants.

Although I didn’t planned I’ve also visited Portimão and Armação de Pêra which are also great places.

In these trips I’ve visited two touristic attractions that are worth to talk about.

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Finally some time off!

That’s right, today I start my vacations. After a year with lots of work and pressures, these vacations are well deserved.

This year I will be somewhere around Algarve or Allgarve if you prefer, probably in one of these three places, Albufeira, Alvor or Lagos these are my favorite places to spend vacations in Portugal.

They are near the beach and they also have great night activities.

Hope to get some rest because there is almost a new year starting with lots of new as ideas, projects and challenges.

I’ll be back in a couple of days, see you soon!