Open Exchange Rates: Real-time exchange rates for developers

Last week I was surfing the web looking for a free service that provided a variety of information related to currencies, namely: a list of currencies, their Iso4217 values and their exchange rates.

After a while I’ve found Open Exchange Rates, which seemed to answer all my needs.

It’s services are available in three flavours: one free for personal use, with a few restrictions and two other versions, which are paid but have support for a whole new set of features.

‘Cause I’ve a couple of projects in mind that would benefit of such data sources I decided to write a library to interact with such services, besides that, and because someone else might be looking for something similar I’ve also shared it on github.

Besides the documentation delivered with the code you can also take a look at the usage examples I’ve created in the project wiki.

Feel free to get in touch if you need any help or if you want to contribute to the library.

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