SugarCRM: Currencies Exchange Rate Updater

Not long ago, I wrote a post about the need of a free service that provided a variety of information related to currencies who led me to Open Exchange Rates: Real-time exchange rates for developers!

At that time I also mentioned how I had a couple of projects in mind related with the library I wrote then, curiously, one of these projects also matched a need felt by others: improving/automating the way how exchange rate updates are made in SugarCRM projects.

Two months later, more or less, I’m back with news regarding these projects: a few minutes ago I’ve released publicly, and more important, freely, my two first SugarCRM packages.

The first one, is Open Exchange Rates library for SugarCRM,  a package built to ease the pain of integrating the Open Exchange Rates library, in SugarCRM projects. The second one, actually depends on the first, is Currencies Exchange Rate Updater, a SugarCRM package designed to ease the process of updating active currencies exchange rates with the help of external data sources.

The video above, illustrates not only the installation process of these packages, but also the two different workflows supported by the latter, who enable an easy management of active currencies exchange rates updates. Either manually by filling latest rates values by hand or by importing these values from an external data source, or automatically, by defining a scheduler job who becomes responsible for performing this updates on a regular basis.

Both packages can be downloaded on SugarForge (here and here) and on GitHub (here and here) respectively.

Keep in mind that both packages are still beta, feel free to get in touch if you find some strange behavior, need any help or if you want to somehow contribute to any of these packages.

To finish, I would like to thank Joss Crowcroft for supporting the  Open Exchange Rates library developments by lending me a paid account in order to test paid services and Filipe Guerra for his feedback and help on testing both packages.

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  • Andrew

    Nice work!

  • Nolan Monroe

    Currencies Exchange Rate Updater is designed well, it really eases the process of updating active currencies exchange rates by using the external sources.