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Trust Universal Laptop Power Supplier Fix

Trust Universal Laptop Power SupplierAround one and a half years my laptop’s charger died, after five years of intense usage it’s understandable. At that time I’ve chosen to buy an Universal charger from Trust which seemed a nice choice at the moment.

Last month it decided not to work, with exactly the same kind of problems the first one had: the end of the wire near the charger box seemed to be broken.

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MySQL bug related with natural number order fix

It seems that this is a known bug but I only noticed it yesterday.

Imagine you have a field named price and it’s type is VARCHAR (it doesn’t matter why it’s not INT or FLOAT) and you want to use ORDER BY clause so you can list table rows ordered by price value.

It won’t work, since the prices will be listed alphabetically, you may read here how to fix this issue.

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