Open Exchange Rates library 0.1.0 is out!

That’s right, a new version of Open Exchange Rates library is out. The previous version was released in past October when I released my first two SugarCRM packages who also make use of it.

Since then, the Open Exchange Rates API has been continuously improved, which led to a perfect excuse to not only make an update but also to make an overall review of the library.

Going straight to the point let’s see the newly supported features in detail.

Concerning the rates services, previously, one could only fetch the full list – now there’s also the ability to fetch rates against a specific set of ISO 4217 values, thus retrieving only the exchange rates according to the latter. Furthermore, and as you probably know, the retrieved rates were calculated with USD as base rate, this has also changed, and at the moment one can also supply a specific ISO 4217 value to be used as a base rate.

Bellow follow a list of usage examples, who explain in detail how these new features work:

As previously mentioned, an overall review of the library was also made, resulting in what I believe to be a very significant improvement, not only in terms of source code quality where the hand-written autoloader got replaced by the one supplied by Composer, PSR-0 compliant, but also with the cleanup made in order to also comply with PSR-2.

Concerning the library as a whole, there were also significant improvements, specially with the addition of unit tests, who are currently doing a code-coverage of 91.67%, and the setup of Travis CI, a hosted continuous integration service who makes sure  everything is working as supposed against PHP 5.3 and 5.4 versions.

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