Hi, I’m João Morais, a Portuguese software engineer currently living in San Jose, California.

Curious by nature and starving for knowledge, I’m also a PHP advocate and Open Source enthusiast who believes that hard work and dedication are the keys to success.

Over time I’ve been involved in different communities, such as the PHP Portuguese Community where I was one of the responsibles for arranging community meetups and programming contests, supporting forums and writting documentation.

Lately I’ve been more active in the SugarCRM community, where I try to contribute with patches / bug fixes (which, some have been merged into the core platform), module packages, and blog posts about my development experience and platform features.

Besides development and analysis, I’m also interested in other related areas, such as: quality assurance and agile methodologies. Otherwise, I’m like any other random chap who loves movies, music, hanging out with friends, and who never says no to a good challenge.

Concerning this blog it works as a common blog but also as a repository of informations that I need to use often. Posts related with: software development, agile methodologies, quality assurance, personal projects and development tools should be common…