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2010 The Year in Review

Usually people tend to do a retrospective on the past year and set new goals for the new year at the beginning of the year.
In order to counteract this trend and taking advantage that today is my birthday, I’ll do this today.

2010 was a nice year, on a personal level it was quite ok ’cause I managed to acomplish most of my 2009 main goals:

1st. Buy house in Lisbon
2nd. Attend PHP Summer School
3rd. Attend Sapo Codebits and develop a fully working project in the 48 hours programming contest
4th. Finish my Master Thesis

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First online hotel booking service experience

Now that 2009 is gone, I can write a review about my first online hotel booking service experience.

Until last December 12, I had never used such services. So I chose to do a search for online booking agencies, which gathered the following conditions: Had several customers reviews, seemed to be reliable and the best relation between cost/quality.

After this I chose Hotelopia, an online booking agency who aims to help you find and reserve the right hotel at the right price, from a wide range of good quality accommodation.

Thanks to Hotelopia I’ve spent my New Years Eve in Albufeira, in a nice and cheap resort without the common problems of trying to find an apartment for rent in this time of year for a short time period.

Certainly the next time that I will need this type of services I’ll use Hotelopia again.

Major changes in Real Life

For quite some time that I don’t write anything here. Contrary to what may seem this is not due to lack of ideas about what to write, but due the lack of time that I’ve been feeling.

Ironically the last post was about time management and the wonderful advices of Randy Pausch. Even with these advices in mind and trying to put some in practice it becomes difficult to perform miracles when our days have twenty hours instead of the normal twenty-four.

This reduction in hours is due to some recent major changes in my life. Although I haven’t finished my Master degree yet (still missing one course and the Master Thesis) and as you may have noticed in a previous post, I’ve decided to look for a job. To be honest all the spare time was driving me insane.

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Lecture about Time Management

Nowadays time is our most important resource and most of the times we are not able to manage it the right way. With this in mind I’ve found this lecture about time management presented by Randy Pausch.

Randy Pausch was a Computer Science Professor at CMU. Before he died of cancer in July 2008 he presented a couple of lectures about different topics some of which became very famous.

The video embedded presents a few tips on how to manage your time from the perspective of someone who had very few time left. Although it is a huge video, I think it’s worth to spend the time needed to watch it.

Have you ever got stuck in a bathroom before a job interview?

Tux on BathroomNever happened to you?
Let me warn you that there is always a first time and unfortunately mine was today.

This morning before I went to the scene where I was going to be interviewed for a job offer, I walked into the nearest coffee shop to spend some time and add some caffeine in the system to be able to wake up properly.

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Is it still cheating if everyone’s doing it?

As some of you know I’m a big fan of Bodybuilding and a regular user of, great forum by the way, it has a lot of informations not only about exercises but also about diets.

A couple of weeks ago I’ve read something about a documentary that talks about the effect/usage of steroids on sports, and I got curious of what this documentary was all about.

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Back at home

That’s right I’m back at home.

Last Monday was my last day at Algarve, unfortunately my vacations are almost ending. The few days that are left will be spent in my hometown.

Like I’ve planned I went to Albufeira and Alvor, unfortunately I didn’t had time to visit Lagos which is a really nice place to visit, with great beaches, night activities and restaurants.

Although I didn’t planned I’ve also visited Portimão and Armação de Pêra which are also great places.

In these trips I’ve visited two touristic attractions that are worth to talk about.

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