As you should have noticed the blog suffered some changes since the last time you were here, probably a long time ago, since I haven’t updated nothing for a while now.

The truth is that I have been absent for some time, to be exact since 6th January 2008, largely due to the University and some extra works.

Since then a lot of things has happened, to summarize: Currently I am finishing the second semester of my Master degree in Computer Science Engineering and at the moment I just have one job to deliver, and that allows me some free time to update the blog, present you with a new facelift and write something new in here.

This facelift was mostly sponsored by Woo Themes. I’m currently using Irresistible theme which I think is great, I’ve made some minor tweaks in colors and structure.

As soon as my sister has the time needed to draw a nice new logo I’ll replace the default one.

Hope  you enjoy this new layout and that from now on I’ll write more often. If you notice something strange, with this new theme and/or functionalities please report it.

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  • pW

    Hello m8

    yeah lot of time ur out and i understand why, work work and more work

    but one of the best aspects we still going to the beach and relax watching listenning the waves of GALAPO’s Beach… no more words

    just magnifique

  • Bill Bartmann

    Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! :)