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As some of you know I’m not a big fan of having lots of MP3 in my laptop, and those of you who don’t know me may ask: don’t you hear any music while you’re at your laptop?

Of course I do, listen to music is one of my favorite hobbies and I do it almost 24/7, most of the times I listen to online radios.

Yesterday while I was talking with Luís Silva, he suggested me, and what a great website it is!

You can listen all your favorite artists, with a single click. One thing that made me very happy was to find some of the best Portuguese rappers, such as Valete, Sam The Kid and Xeg.

While you listen to a specific music you are presented with some informations about the artist and the album. is already saved in my bookmarks.

You know that you’re getting old when…

After reading this post by Edgar Durão I’ve felt a bit nostalgic, because I share the same exact feelings as him. Later I’ve decided to write my own list of Cartoons/TV Series that I used to watch while I was a kid.

Fortunately some of them are now available in DVD in a store near you, that way you can always remember the good old times and think about how old you are getting.

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If you use a lot of different online services in which you have to identify yourself, supplying an username and password, for sure that you have forgot sometime your login informations for a service that you don’t use often.

And when this happens you start thinking like me, if it wouldn’t be nice if you could have one login for every service that you use, that way you could avoid memory failures.

Now we have OpenID, a free and easy way to use a single digital identity across the internet that solves all your problems.

At the moment OpenID is already being used in a couple of popular websites such as MySpace.

As a developer you can help this project to grow by having support to OpenID in your own projects, you can read about it in here.


For a couple of weeks now I’ve been waiting to watch this movie, finally last night I had the chance to do it.

When I saw the trailer it reminded me of Matrix, with a lot of futuristic tricks.. but now that I’ve seen the movie, I can honestly say that it is a bit surreal and in my opinion a bit exaggerated.

The story is about a frustrated office worker who learns that he is the son of a professional assassin, and that he shares his father’s superhuman killing abilities.

Read full summary here.

Fur TV

Do you remember The Muppets?

Well.. Fur TV is composed by some seriously bad ass puppets! I saw the commercials last weekend and got a bit curious of what this show was all about.

Yesterday I had the chance to see it’s first episode at MTV Portugal, and it was really cool, these are puppets for adults.

It’s story is based on three characters that live in the human world and are up to anything.

You can watch the episode that I’ve seen yesterday in here.