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Last week I was searching for a service similar to but without the obligation of your project source code being open/closed.

The truth is that since Tank Legions development I’ve been addicted to SVN and although I can install SVN support on my laptop, I prefer to use it remotely. That way it will work as a backup system too.

With this in mind I found Assembla, to be honest I haven’t tried it yet but from what I’ve seen it has some nice features and it does what I was looking for.


Doxygen is the tool we are using to build our Multimedia Contents Production (MCP) project documentation.

In the past I have already tried PHPDoc, that has the same goal as Doxygen which is: to build documentation based on the comments you have written in your project code files.

I have never used a documentation generator tool before in a serious/big project, so this is the first time. The adaption process it’s kind of easy, since the comments style that I use in all my projects is very similar to the one we have chosen in Doxygen. It also has a tool named doxywizard that helps you to write Doxygen configuration files easily trough a nice and clean GUI.

Doxygen supports a lot of programming languages, including my favorite (PHP) maybe I’ll use it in my future PHP projects too.

You may take a look at Doxygen at it’s official website.

ClanLib SDK

Yesterday I started to write this post while I was “wasting” some time upgrading ClanLib to version 0.8.1 then I thought I should write something about it while it was being compiled.

The truth is that I already talked about this subject a couple of posts ago, when I wrote about “Pingus – A journey into the unknown…”, one of the games I found while searching for games developed with this great SDK.

ClanLib is the same library that me and my colleagues will use to develop our Multimedia Contents Production (MCP) project. I didn’t knew about this library until Filipe Vieira told me about it, he mentioned that we should bet on it for this project development, because it’s a very complete and clean library with lots of cool features.

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