Will India become the number one source of PHP Developers?


Manuel Lemos made an interview with Sandeep Kadam, a leader of PHP community in India which is also involved in PHPCamp organization, an event which is focused on PHP based web applications development targetted to all PHP enthusiasts and starters.

The number of Indian PHP developers has been growing at a large pace in the last few years, when compared to other countries. A few years ago, India was just one of the top ten countries with more PHP developers. Now India is number two and is almost surpassing United States, which is still number one.”

This article presents some numbers based on PHPClasses statistics and a reflection about why this growth happened just in the latest years, as well what it means for the PHP world.

After reading the full article, I can’t help but wonder why doesn’t Portugal appear on presented statistics since there’s a huge community around PHP, there’s a couple of new job offers every single week and there’s also activities like PHP Summer School (3rd edition currently running) which seems to have great acceptance by the audience.

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