Asus Eee PC 1201N – Ram Upgrade

Since I bought this netbook that I’ve been looking forward to upgrade it’s ram. As you may know, this netbook has two slots, which by default are fulfilled with 2GB (1024+1024) or 3GB (1024+2048), unfortunately in Portugal only the first combination is being sold.

After reading a couple of reviews of other people that wanted to perform the same upgrade as me, from 2GB into 4GB, I’ve finally decided to bet on Kingston, and I bought the KVR800D2S6K2/2G modules.

Now you may be wondering why I didn’t bought 8GB instead of 4GB since the netbook supports them, the reason is plain simple: in my humble opinion they are way too expensive!

Here is a list of Kingston memory upgrades for Asus Eee PC 1201N.

While performing the upgrade I decided to take a couple of photos to illustrate the process.

System Monitor

First I took a couple of screenshots of Gnome’s system monitor before the upgrade.

The two brand new Kingston ram modules that I bought. As you can see in the picture their specifications are: KVR800D2S6K2/2G 2GB PC2-6400 CL6 NON-ECC 200-Pin SODIMM.

The backside of the netbook and a closer look at the memory compartment.

Another photo of it’s backside, after removing the screws from memory compartment, we can see the default memory ram modules: two dimms of 1GB each.

In this photo we can see a comparison of both memory ram modules. At the top we have one of the modules that is installed by default in this netbook, an ASint DDRII 1GB-800, and the new one at the bottom.

Another photo of it’s backside after installing the new memory modules.

To finish the sequence, here is Gnome’s system monitor screenshots after the upgrade.

Because I’m currently using a 64bits version of Ubuntu I didn’t found any kind of problem related with the recognition of the new modules, but from what I’ve read, in 32bits versions there may be problems which require a couple of updates.

As you can see performing the upgrade is a really simple process that takes only a couple of minutes. If after this, you are still with afraid of screwing your netbook here is a video that shows you, once again, how simple it is to upgrade your netbook memory.

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  • duphenix

    Good call on the 4GB. From all my reading, even if you install 8GB, it won’t be used by the system. The OS (windows or ubuntu) will report 8GB system memory installed, and then show that 3.25 GB is usable, with the other 750MB presumably going to the video card.